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1 what is the PE protective film?

PE protective film with special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as substrate, polyacrylic acid (ester) resin as the main material, pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then after several special additives and processing. The characteristics of soft, adhesive performance is good, easy to paste, easy peeling, peeling no residue.

2 What is the main purpose of PE protection film?

Advantages of PE protective film is the largest protected products in the production and processing, transport, pollution, not affected by storage and use in the process of corrosion, scratches, original smooth glossy surface protection, so as to improve the product quality and market competitiveness.

3 PE protection film is mainly used in what areas?

The application of PE protection film: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy, steel profiles and the windows and doors, aluminum plate, fluorocarbon board, glass panel, sandwich color steel plate, fire panels, decorative panels, organic glass plate, PS, PE, PVC sunlight board (polycarbonate), anti-theft door, signage, coated glass, high-grade furniture, high-grade products, electrical cabinet, computer shell, auto lamps, carpets, floor, housing, household appliances, instruments, and other products surface in various areas in need of protection can be used.

4 PE protection film how to test?

Performance test: on the surface easy to paste stripping, not glue plate bending, with 90 is not broken, do not fall off.

Load test: 360 hours at 20 ℃ - 50 subjected to 2Kg/2.5c load off no adhesive residue surface.

Ageing test: 300W ultraviolet irradiation in 50 under the conditions of 240 hours, no crack, no deformation, tear off surface without adhesive residue phenomenon.

Humidity test: 1 hours light rain +1 hours after 240 hours off, peel the surface no residue.

5 Technical parameters of "Sanli" protective film?

(1) species: products are divided into two kinds of transparent and opaque, and available in seven colors, according to customer requirements, the tape can be printed with characters and patterns.

(2) the product specifications: thickness of 30 μ M-120 μ M, the maximum amplitude is 1.6 meters, width can be arbitrary cutting, unlimited lengt

Viscosity (3): 20g/50mm-1500g/50mm

Main products
flame-retardant carpet protective film

1. The film is Flame-retardant.

2. Stable adhering capacity.

3. Easy to stick on and tear off.

4. Easy to use and left no residue.

auto carpet protective film

1. Stable adhering capacity, special high adhesive for auto carpet.

2. Easy to stick on and tear off.

3. Easy to use and left no residue.

4. The printing film are compounded. The logo will be inside of two pieces of film and be protected well.

anti-resistant carpet protective film

1. The surface is anti-resistant. It can prevent slipping in the process of using. 

2. Stable adhering capacity.

3. Easy to stick on and tear off.

4. Easy to use and left no residue.

Stainless Steel Sheet Protective Film
Our stainless steel sheet protection film is durable, simple to use, offers good flexibility and ensures quick moistening of protected surface. Using polyethylene as the base material, the film is coated with water-based acrylic adhesive which will not leave residue or damage surfaces. This stainless steel sheet protection film can be applied to all types of metal surfaces, such as polished surface, frosted surface, brushed surface, etc., ensuring metal sheets are well protected during processing, storage and transportation.
Color Steel Plate Protective Film
Our color steel plate protection film offers good flexibility and ensures quick moistening of protected surface. The adhesive used has good stability, which guarantees the later, residue-free removal of the film. This color steel plate protection film can effectively protect metal plate surfaces from scratches and damage during storage, transportation, and further processing.

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